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FoodNavigator-USA Article: Strengthening vanilla’s supply chain through its farmers

Quality vanilla goes beyond taste. Virginia Dare’s Madagascar-based team creates systems for socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable vanilla. FoodNavigator-USA talked with our VP of International Operations Henry Todd about how we’re implementing systems that support farmers and the value chain. Highlighted initiatives:

Zero-Proof is Climbing to Number One

Zero-proof, buzzless spirits, whatever you call the Alt drinks movement, the facts speak for themselves. According to IWSR research, 58% of consumers are drinking more non-alcoholic beverages than last year. On top of that, 61% are wanting better choices when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages. Whole Foods’ latest trends report named alt drinks as oneContinue reading “Zero-Proof is Climbing to Number One”

Virginia Dare Welcomes the Wellness in All Its Flavors at SupplySide West

The globally recognized flavor experts deliver inspired taste profiles in health and wellness applications LAS VEGAS, Nevada – (October 12, 2022) – Virginia Dare says that it’s time to welcome a new era of health and wellness application development: one that’s defined by alternative functional product formats with better, trending flavor profiles. “If you startedContinue reading “Virginia Dare Welcomes the Wellness in All Its Flavors at SupplySide West”

See you in Vegas at IBIE booth 5019!

We’ve been working in the baking industry for decades – providing the definitive vanilla extract that perfects a batch of chocolate chip cookies or the flavor masking that unlocks a delectable brownie batter that’s fortified with plant protein and probiotics. This year, we’re taking it to a new level. We are thrilled to announce thatContinue reading “See you in Vegas at IBIE booth 5019!”

Virginia Dare Blends Functionality with Fun at IFT FIRST Trade Show

The globally recognized flavor experts are featuring their wellness- and nostalgia-inspired flavors at the show CHICAGO, Illinois – (June 28, 2022) – Virginia Dare helps brands break from the conventional when it comes to functional nutrition and is putting the flavors and product formats that make this possible in the spotlight at the IFT FIRSTContinue reading “Virginia Dare Blends Functionality with Fun at IFT FIRST Trade Show”

RANKED: 2022 Flavor Trends That Will Shape Innovation

As we cruise through the first part of 2022, we’re ranking all the top trending flavor combos that’ll tease the tastebuds. From our gold medal winners all the way to the honorable mentions that have followed us from the last year, there’s a lot to look forward to. Take a scroll – and reach outContinue reading “RANKED: 2022 Flavor Trends That Will Shape Innovation”

Functional fungi in sports nutrition

Rising awareness of adaptogenic mushrooms presents an attractive opportunity in sports nutrition and active lifestyles from pre-workouts to recovery. Reishi, chaga, cordyceps, and lion’s mane among others have the potential to regulate the body’s stress response, lower fatigue, increase attention and reduce other stress-induced impairments. Virginia Dare recently published an article through Natural Products InsiderContinue reading “Functional fungi in sports nutrition”

Classic flavors: straight or with a twist

No matter how adventurous consumers become in their quest for unique or complex taste experiences, classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry unequivocally hold their own as the fan favorites. Beverage Industry recently featured a perspective from Virginia Dare and how brands can innovate by adding a twist; a flavor category we call elevated classics.Continue reading “Classic flavors: straight or with a twist”

Tea varietals and wellness flavors are flourishing

As health and wellness becomes the top driving force behind consumer goods, holistic nutraceuticals and ancient medicine rally back to the spotlight with tea leading the functional fight. Beverage Industry recently featured Virginia Dare’s taste perspective on trending wellness flavors and herbal varietals in tea beverages. “By integrating wellness flavors into their applications, tea brandsContinue reading “Tea varietals and wellness flavors are flourishing”