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Millennial Snacking

Millennials represent about 23.4% of the total US population and are nearing their prime spending years. For the first time in history, food has surpassed clothing as the no. 1 spending category among teens—representing 24% of their total wallet. And while taste is still the top factor in determining spending decisions on food, healthy optionsContinue reading “Millennial Snacking”

Kombucha and Functional Beverages

According to marketing research firm SPINS, probiotic juices and functional beverages have grown by 31.2%—and more than $100 million in sales—since last year. The kombucha market alone grew 41% to $534 million in 2016. Growth for functional beverages is expected to continue as consumers come to expect more from their beverages. While technology has madeContinue reading “Kombucha and Functional Beverages”

Coconut Water: A Bar Binding Agent?

The global coconut water market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate close to 27% from 2016 to 2020, according to Technavio research analysts. The demand for healthy beverages without artificial food additives leaves coconut water well positioned to continue to be a top choice for consumers—especially millennials. As more consumers learn of coconutContinue reading “Coconut Water: A Bar Binding Agent?”

WHITE PAPER: Plant-based Proteins: Flavor Solutions and New Applications

Despite the flavor challenges they present, plant-based proteins continue to grow in popularity. Plant proteins like pea, rice, soy, or pumpkin seed can introduce a musty off-note to an application, but recent flavor innovations driven by flavor companies like Virginia Dare are helping to bring them to success on the market. If you’re seeking toContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Plant-based Proteins: Flavor Solutions and New Applications”

Beverages and Antioxidants

Antioxidants help neutralize and eradicate the harmful free radicals generated by the daily stressors of life. Although consumers continue to educate themselves about the benefits of antioxidants, as recently as 2013, only 8 percent of US consumers were aware of what antioxidants actually are and how they can benefit the body. Beverages are the dominantContinue reading “Beverages and Antioxidants”

Preferred Taste and Plant-based Protein

Plant-based is a new buzzword in healthy eating, as consumers explore nontraditional ways to create diets that meet their chosen lifestyles. Despite the nutritional desirability of these plant-based applications, they face challenges in sensory quality, as they lack many of the traditionally desirable flavor compounds that produce a sense of sweetness or satiety. Fortunately forContinue reading “Preferred Taste and Plant-based Protein”