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WHITE PAPER: Vanilla Expertise

The key to successful formulation with natural vanilla is to partner with a market expert, mastering best industry practices, offering unparalleled technical competency, and having unique insights into the complex realities of vanilla bean-producing countries. The rich flavor from vanilla extract is one of the world’s favorites, and Virginia Dare is its preferred supplier –Continue reading “WHITE PAPER: Vanilla Expertise”

Find inspiration with our 2020 flavor trends

The consumer love affair with trying novel flavors is still going strong into 2020 as demand for taste innovation continues to grow. According to the recent Technomic US Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 66 percent of consumers like trying new flavors, while close to 40 percent define “new” as simply a twist on the familiar. We’veContinue reading “Find inspiration with our 2020 flavor trends”

Ready, set, eat and drink: The golden age of RTE/RTD foods and beverages

In today’s consumer landscape, conveinence is key, and that’s leading to lots of brands developing ready-to-eat (RTE) foods and ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. Food & Beverage INSIDER recently published an article on this trend which featured Virginia Dare’s performance and lifestyle nutrition formulation capabilities. “Convenience is only getting more important in today’s consumer landscape,” our MarketingContinue reading “Ready, set, eat and drink: The golden age of RTE/RTD foods and beverages”

Taste solutions fit for any lifestyle

Lifestyle nutrition is a major trend that has moved beyond niche health and wellness audiences like athletes and bodybuilders to attract a growing number of people in the mainstream consumer market. In just the last few years, we have seen the significant rise in consumers adopting specialized eating habits like keto, paleo, and vegan diets.Continue reading “Taste solutions fit for any lifestyle”

WHITE PAPER: Beyond the Bar

The snacking trend has grown steadily over the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. Driven primarily by health and wellness snacking, consumers are increasingly prioritizing snack applications that merge convenience and nutrition, such as dried fruit, nut packs, and fruit cups. Read our white paper to learn more about specificContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Beyond the Bar”

Flavor and function trends in performance nutrition

Performance nutrition is a robust, growing category within the health and wellness space that many brands are eager to build into their product offerings. Once considered the domain of serious weightlifters or professional athletes, pre-, intra-, and post-workout snacks and beverages are now in demand for the broader nutrition market that includes “weekend warriors” andContinue reading “Flavor and function trends in performance nutrition”

WHITE PAPER: Top Trends in Beverage Formulation

The beverage market has long been incredibly dynamic and innovative, characterized by a high degree of new product development and strong competition for consumer attention. Recent years have seen a particularly intense flurry of new product development, with whole new sub-segments (e.g., kombucha, kefir) emerging, new claims and ingredients developing, and beverage categories overlapping oneContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Top Trends in Beverage Formulation”

Pea Protein and Preferred Taste

Alternative proteins are among the hottest trends in multiple food categories like beverage, snacks, and meal replacement. Adventurous options, like algae and insect protein, are still looking for a larger consumer base, and soy and whey protein still have allergen concerns. Pea protein boasts a number of positives that have lead to substantial growth inContinue reading “Pea Protein and Preferred Taste”