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WHITE PAPER: Exploring the Open World of Gaming

Over 3 billion people worldwide play video games, connecting deeply with beloved characters, stories, and other players. Food and beverage products can connect with this audience through the games they love, with functional ingredients to help with focus, energy, or relaxation – all while delivering a taste they crave.   Our team of flavor experts exploreContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Exploring the Open World of Gaming”

Vanilla Newstalgia: Taking a Classic Flavor to Whole New Levels

When the average person is asked to name a flavor, they’re most likely picking one of the classics. You know, the vanillas, the chocolates, the strawberries (the last of which is actually a combination of many flavors!). There’s a solid reason for this: they’re comforting. They’re the go-to choice for their nostalgia and recognizability. AndContinue reading “Vanilla Newstalgia: Taking a Classic Flavor to Whole New Levels”

WHITE PAPER: Say Cheers to the Alt Drink

The habits of everyday Americans dramatically shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic. As public spaces began to reopen, many of the lifestyle changes consumers adopted while sheltering at home endured: among those, alcohol consumption declined among U.S. adults. The changing cultural paradigms around drinking, catalyzed by the pandemic and driven forward by post-Millennial generations, are propellingContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Say Cheers to the Alt Drink”

Flavor Wave of the Alt Drinks Movement

Wine down Wednesdays and Saturday pregaming. Boozy patio brunches or date-night dinner and drinks. Crushable camping beers and snifters for evening sipping. Drinking is synonymous with American culture and has been since its inception. Fact is, sometimes we just need a drink. That is, until the pandemic happened. Just as the COVID crisis impacted soContinue reading “Flavor Wave of the Alt Drinks Movement”

From Season to Reason: The Expansion of Sweet Spices

Pumpkin spice latte. Spiced cider. There’s a reason there’s a season for sweet spices – or at least there used to be. But the love of everything-spiced is bringing about new ways of adding what have historically been fall and winter flavors to applications all year round. At the heart of it, spiced flavor profilesContinue reading “From Season to Reason: The Expansion of Sweet Spices”

RANKED: 2022 Flavor Trends That Will Shape Innovation

As we cruise through the first part of 2022, we’re ranking all the top trending flavor combos that’ll tease the tastebuds. From our gold medal winners all the way to the honorable mentions that have followed us from the last year, there’s a lot to look forward to. Take a scroll – and reach outContinue reading “RANKED: 2022 Flavor Trends That Will Shape Innovation”

Tea varietals and wellness flavors are flourishing

As health and wellness becomes the top driving force behind consumer goods, holistic nutraceuticals and ancient medicine rally back to the spotlight with tea leading the functional fight. Beverage Industry recently featured Virginia Dare’s taste perspective on trending wellness flavors and herbal varietals in tea beverages. “By integrating wellness flavors into their applications, tea brandsContinue reading “Tea varietals and wellness flavors are flourishing”

Colors and flavors inspired by nature feed production innovation

Flavor is the key to elevating your product to something that consumers purchase again and again – and more and more often, consumers are looking for that flavor to be naturally sourced. Food & Beverage INSIDER recently featured Virginia Dare in an article on how this is leading to a rise in certain flavor profiles,Continue reading “Colors and flavors inspired by nature feed production innovation”

Final Proof: Flowers meet Flour

Nothing says the spring and summer like a field full of vibrant flowers. Why not capture that same feeling in baked goods? Baker’s Journal featured our Marketing & Consumer Insights Manager Philip Caputo in an article on the rise of botanical flavors in baked goods. “Bored with conventional fare, many consumers, especially Millennials, want anContinue reading “Final Proof: Flowers meet Flour”