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Next Trend Up: Scrumptious Strawberry Pairings

The time of year is irrelevant – the taste of sweet strawberry can follow us all year round. Long considered one of the “classic three” flavors alongside vanilla and chocolate, we have a particular affinity for the sweet, tart bite of strawberry. We all love strawberry and the other fruity classics, and for good reason.Continue reading “Next Trend Up: Scrumptious Strawberry Pairings”

Flavor Wave of the Alt Drinks Movement

Wine down Wednesdays and Saturday pregaming. Boozy patio brunches or date-night dinner and drinks. Crushable camping beers and snifters for evening sipping. Drinking is synonymous with American culture and has been since its inception. Fact is, sometimes we just need a drink. That is, until the pandemic happened. Just as the COVID crisis impacted soContinue reading “Flavor Wave of the Alt Drinks Movement”

Classic flavors: straight or with a twist

No matter how adventurous consumers become in their quest for unique or complex taste experiences, classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry unequivocally hold their own as the fan favorites. Beverage Industry recently featured a perspective from Virginia Dare and how brands can innovate by adding a twist; a flavor category we call elevated classics.Continue reading “Classic flavors: straight or with a twist”

Coffee ingredients deliver familiarity, novelty

Coffee. It’s not just a part of our every day here at Virginia Dare, but it’s also an essential part of so many consumers’ every day. While coffee remains a staple in our days, many of us are considering healthier and functional options, filled with ingredients like antioxidants, fiber, turmeric, ginseng, mushrooms, CBD and cannabigerolContinue reading “Coffee ingredients deliver familiarity, novelty”

WEBINAR: The Business Case for Vanilla Sustainability & Grower Empowerment

Virginia Dare’s very own Vice President of International Operations Henry Todd presented a webinar through the International Dairy Foods Association to discuss the commercial side of the vanilla market, the sustainability initiatives in place for vanilla smallholders, and how vanilla experts like Virginia Dare can help maintain consistency and quality in your vanilla supply. WatchContinue reading “WEBINAR: The Business Case for Vanilla Sustainability & Grower Empowerment”

Original functional beverages coffee and tea keep getting better

Talk of functional beverages may seem fairly new, but coffee and tea are two functional beverages that consumers have been enjoying for centuries. Food & Beverage Insider recently wrote an article on new trends in these two categories, featuring our flavor capabilities. Dark berries like acai, elderberry, and goji are great complementary ingredients for theseContinue reading “Original functional beverages coffee and tea keep getting better”

Listen to our new podcast: Doing vanilla right is an art

Andy Warhol. Aretha Franklin. Frank Lloyd Wright. Virginia Dare. All artists have a different medium – ours is vanilla. For more than five generations, vanilla remains our life’s work. Historically the standard against which the rest of the industry’s quality is measured, our vanilla extracts, concentrates, and oleoresins deliver the rich and complex flavor and aromaContinue reading “Listen to our new podcast: Doing vanilla right is an art”