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WHITE PAPER: Solving Taste Challenges in Keto

The high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic (“keto”) diet is a hot trend that comes with major restrictions. For many new dieters, there will be a significant shift toward consuming foods and beverages formulated with low-net carbohydrate, high protein ingredients. Brands have opportunities to cater to this audience by making their lifestyle more attainable and boosting their confidenceContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Solving Taste Challenges in Keto”

WHITE PAPER: Beyond the Bar

The snacking trend has grown steadily over the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. Driven primarily by health and wellness snacking, consumers are increasingly prioritizing snack applications that merge convenience and nutrition, such as dried fruit, nut packs, and fruit cups. Read our white paper to learn more about specificContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Beyond the Bar”

Pea Protein and Preferred Taste

Alternative proteins are among the hottest trends in multiple food categories like beverage, snacks, and meal replacement. Adventurous options, like algae and insect protein, are still looking for a larger consumer base, and soy and whey protein still have allergen concerns. Pea protein boasts a number of positives that have lead to substantial growth inContinue reading “Pea Protein and Preferred Taste”

WHITE PAPER: Plant-based Proteins: Flavor Solutions and New Applications

Despite the flavor challenges they present, plant-based proteins continue to grow in popularity. Plant proteins like pea, rice, soy, or pumpkin seed can introduce a musty off-note to an application, but recent flavor innovations driven by flavor companies like Virginia Dare are helping to bring them to success on the market. If you’re seeking toContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: Plant-based Proteins: Flavor Solutions and New Applications”